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 Dive Forum 2014 Dive Schedules

2014 Dive schedules have been updated.  Check them out here.

A free site to promote scuba diving in New Jersey
Local dive schedules, local dive shops, local dive boats, and a local dive forum all in one place

See who is diving where & when on the 2014 dive schedule page



























Join the New
Jersey Scuba Diving Forum
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Join our popular forum.  So far, we have over 400 members!
Please register and post your trip reports or other dive related topics. 

There is a popular arcade feature, as well as a huge collection of jokes on the forum,
so register, get some high scores and get some good laughs too.

Why dive in New Jersey?

We've got...

Thousands of exciting wrecks within recreational limits
Artificial reefs that let you dive with an abundance of sea life
Dives for all levels of experience from novice to advanced tech
Dozens of easy access shore diving
Depending on the time of year, Caribbean-like conditions
Dozens of dive boats are waiting to take you out from the North to the South
If you can dive in NJ, you can dive anywhere.

 ►►►► Spend some down time here, playing arcade games! ◄◄◄◄

See who is diving where & when
on the schedule page

Do you know a boat, shop, or club that is diving this upcoming weekend
but is not listed here or on the schedule page? If so, post it here! 
We are not responsible for error and/or schedule changes. 
Check with the boat/shop/club to confirm the destination.

Are you the boss of a dive operation and need to fill a job opening? 
Email us to have it posted.


Featured New Jersey Scuba Diving Pictures and Videos

Featured Pictures

Corey diving the RP Resor with a visitor on the bottom while looking for scallopsPhoto by Becky Kagan of Liquid Productions. July 2013

Brandon McWilliams
picture of Wayne on the Stolt taken 9/24/2011

J. Dan Wright of Wright Creative Services

Sherwood and Jeremiah Hupka on the Stolt Dagali

Sherwood on the Stolt Dagali on his rEvo rebreather
Both of the above images were taken by J. Dan Wright on the Stolt Dagali, May 14th, 2011.
All rights reserved





 You can upload your favorite diving photo on the
forum's underwater photography page for all to see.


 Featured Video's

Three wrecks and spear fishing on wrecks off of Barnagat NJ
July 3, 2012

Scallops and Lobster on the R.P. Resor, 4/28/12
with Sean and Jeremiah on the Independence II

Sean's video of the sweet viz. on the Algol 10/9/2011

Here is one Mike's video while diving the "City of Athens' off of Cape May, using his Liquid Image HD video mask 


Check out Gary Szabo's Youtube page.
He has lots of interesting films relating to NJ diving, like this one
from a dive on the Tolten:

You can see more of Gary's work at Lost At Sea Films and his YouTube page.


Do you have a New Jersey dive picture or video that you want posted here?   If so, email me.

When people think of scuba diving in New Jersey, some think of cold, dark, dirty water with not much too see. 
For those who know better, there is good visibility, lots of creatures, excellent dive sites, and outstanding dive operations.
This site was made to show that New Jersey has a lot to offer for both recreational and technical divers,
as well as to have a place that list the boats that are available to take you out to a dive site.
This is not a commercial site, and none of the shops, services or dive operations paid for their names to be listed.
I don't play "favorites" and would never exclude a NJ related dive site, boat, shop, blog, or website. 
As long as it promotes NJ diving, I am an equal opportunity webmaster.

The whole idea of this site is to promote scuba diving in New Jersey, and to let the world see what New Jersey has to offer.

If you have a suggestion for this site, I'd be happy to consider it if you email me at

This site was last updated Thursday November 13, 2014

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since this site was revamped on 10/10/07
This site is entirely done out of love of diving.  I do not make a red cent from it.
If you feel so inclined to assist in offsetting the cost of this site, I'd be happy to accept it via Paypal. 
Just login, and send your life savings to me at the Paypal name of  Any amount is appreciated. 
Donors will receive a sticker (just like the logo) as long as you include your name & address.

Content is property of except for articles and links used with permission. 
All rights reserved. Copyright 2014  Website designed and built by Mike Bender (MB104). 

Not NJ diving related, but if anyone is interested in renting a 2-bedroom 2-bath villa
in Roatan, Honduras,
here is a link to a friend's place. 
He is from NJ and a diver too, so you know he will treat you right.